11 Great Ways to Use Rose Petals


Ever wonder what to do with those rose guard petals you just removed?

Here at the farm we are always looking for creative ways to use every part of the rose. Rose petals are a DIY craft lovers darling and they deserve to be used rather than being sent to the landfill.

We have put together a list of some great ways to utilize those rose petals that you may have. Try one or all of these ideas the next time you have a bouquet of stunning roses.

#1 Potpourri

An obvious choice is to capture your rose’s fantastic fragrance by making some homemade potpourri. It’s an easy process. Just dry the petals on a flat surface. Add a fixative, this helps reduce evaporation rate, like cinnamon, ginger or vanilla beans. Finally let this mix settle in a jar for a few days before you use it.

#2 Sachets

You can take the potpourri that you made in the first tip and place it in a muslin cloth or an old sock. This can be placed anywhere you’d like to freshen up.

#3 Rose Water

An absolutely amazing cosmetic treat. This has many benefits for the skin. The aroma is soothing and relaxing as well.

#4 Face Mask

A face mask made out of rose petals cools and sooths the skin. Just soak 8 petals in 3 or 4 tablespoons of water for 2-3 hours. Mash these petals into the water and add 3 tablespoons of honey. Mix well and apply to your face. Leave on for 15-30 minutes. Rinse your face with cool water after.

#5 Roses in Your Bath

If you happen to be wearing your rose face mask why not take the next step and place some rose petals in a bath. They are relaxing and luxurious and will make your skin silky smooth.

#6 Rose Decorations

Fill a bowl with water and place some small floating candles in it. Add some rose petals and use as a centerpiece. Sprinkle them on your bed for that extra touch of ramance.

#7 Rose Paper

For those of you that DIY cardstock and paper, roses can give a special texture and retain a scent as well.

#8 Rose Tea

In Ayurvedic medicine rose petals are used for their calming and detoxifying properties. They add a great flavor to green tea. Make sure your petals are properly cleaned before ingesting.

#9 Rose Petal Fruit Salad

Sprinkle some fresh rose petals to brighten up and balance out your fruit salads. It works best when gently placed on each individual salad. To take this to the next level try adding a bit of shredded coconut. As with tea be sure to properly clean the petals.

#10 Rose Jam

You can add rose petals to your other fruit preserves like strawberry or make one with just roses.

#11 Rose Petal Dessert Decorating

Add rose petals to some of your baked goods. Like the fruit salad mentioned above they are great combined with some type of coconut dessert.

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