4 Essential Tips For Cutting Your Roses Stems


Want to make sure your fresh cut roses last longer?

You can help your fresh cut roses last longer by making sure you take care of them. Proper rose care includes keeping them in fresh clean water, in the right condition, and trimming the stems regularly.

When cutting your roses stems just remember these four great tips.

#1 Always Cut Your Stems at a 45-Degree Angle

This simple often forgot trick increases the surface area for water absorption. This means your roses will be able to drink more water and nutrients. The more your water your roses are able to absorb the longer they will live. Cutting your roses at a 45 degree angle also makes sure that the stems won’t rest directly on the base of the vase. This could obstruct absorption and cause premature wilting. Just think about it, how hard would it be to drink from a straw if you press it to the bottom of the cup.

#2 Cut Your Stems Underwater

When you trim your rose stems out of the water air can enter the stems and can cause air bubble obstructions in the stem. These bubbles that are trapped in the stem will decrease the rate at which the stem can absorb water. Less water means your roses will wilt prematurely. By cutting your stems underwater you don’t give the air a chance to enter.

#3 Take the Roses Stems Length Into Account When Trimming

Even if the stems look like they have been cut you should trim them according to the vase they are contained in. Cut at least half an inch off each stem. If you notice any discoloration you might want to cut a bit extra. If there are any leaves that will touch the water remove those as well.

#4 Always Remember to Trim the Stems as Soon As You Receive the Roses

Your roses will arrive with a straight cut. Be sure to follow tip one and two before you place your farm fresh roses in a vase.

By following these simple tips you will ensure that your VivaRoses maintain their stunning beauty for many days.

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