8 Secrets to Make Your Fresh Roses Last Longer


Have you ever wondering if there was a way to make your roses last longer?


A vase of fresh stunning roses in your home or office can instantly brighten your environment and add some cheer. Don’t let them start to wilt after only a few days by following these easy steps.


#1 Add Water and Check the Water Level Daily


Making sure that your vase contains adequate levels of water is the most important part of insuring long vase life of your roses. When your roses first arrive they will be thirsty after their journey and will drink the largest amount of water. Make sure to monitor the water closely in the first few days.


#2 Before Placing Roses In Vase Remove Any Leaves That May Touch the Water


Make sure to remove all leaves that would be below the water line before placing them in the vase. If left on these leaves will contaminate the water and allow bacteria to begin to grow at the bottom of stems shortening vase life.


#3 Cut and Recut the Ends of the Stems


To make sure that your roses have the ability to absorb as much water as possible you will need to cut the ends of the stems. As soon as you first receive your roses be sure to cut eat stem at an angle. This will allow for the largest possible surface area for the rose to absorb water.


Every fews days it is a good idea to recut the stems to provide a fresh surface for water absorption. You can do this at the same time that you replace the water in the vase.


#4 Use the Provided Flower Food


These packets of powdered flower food can help nourish your roses, making them last longer. Most flower foods contain sugar, an acidifier and bleach. The sugar acts as the nutrient, the acidifier maintains the pH, and finally the bleach reduces the bacteria in the water.


#5 Make Your Own Food


If you threw away your packet out by accident, have no fear, you can make your own. Just mix water with some sugar, lemon juice and household bleach. These three ingredients will do the same job as the packet of food.


#6 Sterilize the Vase


Just like you don’t want a cut to get infected the same holds true for the rose stems you have cut. You want to keep any potential for bacteria to get into the stems at a minimum. Before placing your roses in a vase you can clean it with either soap and water or bleach.


#7 Choose Where to Put Your Roses Wisely


If your roses get too warm they will wilt a lot faster. To maximize vase life you want to keep your roses in a cool environment, away from direct sunlight, heater venters, and entry doors.


You can extend the life even further by keeping them in your refrigerator overnight. The cooler temperatures will help preserve them.


#8 Don’t Listen to the Old Wives’ Tales


You hear all types of crazy ideas on the internet from putting pennies or vodka in your vase. The truth is all you have to do is still to the basics. Cut the stems, keep the water clean, and keep them out of extreme temperature.


By following these simple steps you will be able to keep your stunning roses lasting longer.


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