How To Arrange 2 Dozen Stunning Roses


So your stunning roses arrived straight from our family farm and you’re excited about getting them into a vase to display.

Follow these eight simple steps to make sure your roses look gorgeous and have a long vase life.

#1 Remove the Packaging From Roses

The roses come wrapped in protective packaging that needs to be removed.

#2 Remove the Outer Guard Petals

The petals on the outside of your roses are known as guard petals. These are left on the rose in order to protect it during its journey. You can learn more about guard petals here.

#3 Strip All Leaves Below the Water Line

This keeps the water clean and makes sure your roses last longer.

#4 Cut each Stem One Inch From the Bottom at an Angle

Now that you have removed the guard petals and leaves cut the bottom of each rose stem at an angle. This allows for a larger surface area for water absorption.

#5 Pour Included Flower Food Into Your Water

Your roses will come with flower food. Be sure to open and place it in your water.

#6 Place Each Prepped Stem Into the Vase

Simply place each prepped stem in the vase. Start at the rim and work from the outside in.

#7 Stop and Admire Your Beautiful Arrangement

Make sure to keep your roses out of direct sunlight. After a few days your roses will really start to open up.

#8 Change the Water Every 3 Days

Keeping the water clean will make sure your roses last longer. Change the water every three days and recut the stems to expose a fresh area for water absorption.

By following these eight stems you’ll have a beautiful arranged vase of roses.

Do you have any other tips when arranging roses? Leave a comment and let us know what you do. 


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