How To Make A Rose Pokemon GO Pokeball


If by now you haven’t heard of Pokemon GO you must be living under a rock.

No, all those people wandering around staring at their phones isn’t the sign of the impending zombie apocalypse. They are all playing the new smash hit mobile game Pokemon GO.

Here at the farm we are having some fun with Pokemon GO as well. We found a Pikachu in a rose patch and a Squirtle in the barn.

We quickly realized that we didn’t have anything to catch them in. Every good Pokemon trainer knows that in order to “catch em’ all” you need the right tools. So we got to work on crafting our very own rose Pokeball.

So keep reading to learn how to make your very own rose Pokeball.

 To make a rose Pokemon GO Pokeball you need the following five items.


  1.  25 Red Roses
  2.  25 White Roses
  3.  1 Black Tinted Rose
  4.  Spherical Wet Foam Ball
  5.  Pruning Shears

Now that you have everything let’s get started so that we can go “catch em’ all”.


#1 Properly Cut Your Roses Upon Delivery

As soon as you get your roses it is VERY important that you cut the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle and put them in water. By cutting them at an angle you increase the surface area for the roses to absorb water. You can learn some additional tips for cutting your roses here.

#2 Clean Your Roses


First you want to remove each rose’s guard petals. These outer petals are left on the rose to protect it on its journey. You can learn more about guard petal removal here. You can also remove all the leaves, just watch out for thorns.

#3 Let Your Roses Bloom aka Bloom and Chill

Before you create your Pokemon GO Pokeball you want to let your roses bloom a bit. Feel free to enjoy them in your home for a couple days so that they begin to open up. Once they have opened up you are ready to start.

#4 Prepare Your Pokeball

Cut about ½ an inch off the bottom of the sphere so that it can lay flat on a surface. Place the sphere in a bucket or container and fill with enough water so that the sphere is submerged. Allow sphere to sit in water for 30 minutes.

#5 Prepare Your Roses



Take all of your roses and cut them at a 45 degree angle leaving roughly 1 ½ inch of stem length. You want to leave enough stem to be able to anchor the rose into the sphere.

#6 Craft Your Pokeball

Place the black tinted rose directly in the middle of the sphere. This will be your starting point.



Place your white roses around the Pokeball horizontally forming a ring of roses. Once you have made it all the way around start filling in the bottom half working your way around the Pokeball horizontally in the same way.


Once the bottom of the sphere is covered with white roses you can start working on the top half of the Pokeball with red roses.



Just like the white roses you want to work horizontally row by row when placing the roses. Fill in your rings of red roses and place a single rose at the top of the Pokeball and you’re done.

#7 GO Out There and Catch Em’ All!

Now you have all the equipment you need to be a great Pokemon trainer.


Are you ready to make your own rose Pokeball? Let us know in the comments below.

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