Why and How To Remove Guard Petals on Roses

Why and how to remove guard petals


Want to make sure your roses look stunning?


Ever heard of the part of a rose called the guard petal?

In this article, we’ll tell you what a guard petal is and what function is serves as well as some tips on how to remove them to be sure to expose the true beauty of our stunning roses.

When you receive your farm fresh roses from us you’ll notice that we have taken certain measures to ensure that your bouquet arrives in tip top condition. Along with carefully wrapping the roses, you might have noticed that some of the outer petals on the roses aren’t as perky, colorful or attractive as the rest of the rose. This is called the guard petal and are purposefully left on the rose in order to protect it on its journey from our family farm to you.

While preparing roses to be displayed there are a few steps you need to follow to make sure your roses look stunning and last a long time. You will need to fill a vase with water, trim the stems and remove all leaves below the water line. Along with that you should also take a moment and remove the guard petals from all the roses to expose their inner beauty.

Follow these easy steps to assure that your roses look absolutely stunning!

Step 1

Take each flower and identify the guard petals. They are easy to spot and could be easily mistaken for wilted or dying petals. It is important to remember that these guard petals are NOT a reflection of the health or quality of the roses. You will probably notice that these petals have a hint of green or brown.

Step 2

Put your index finger gently on the inner side of the guard petal gently and slowly peel the petal away from the rose. Do not simply pluck it out. Make sure that you do not grab any additional petals in the process.

Step 3

You can throw away the guard petal or a better option would be to put them to good use by making your own potpourri or another DIY project. Stay tuned for more articles on that.

Step 4

This last step is optional however it will make sure roses look absolutely amazing. Take each rose and gently use your fingertips to tease the petals. Apply a small amount of pressure a gently encourage to puff outward. This will give them a full appearance.

Lastly, in order to keep your stunning fresh roses looking great as long as possible, it is important to keep them away from direct sunlight, out of windy or breezy areas and away from any fan, heater, air conditioner or fireplace. Be sure replace evaporated water and replace all the water every few days. Trim the stems every few days to give them a fresh surface for water absorption.


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