In a Spanish colony, in what is now Ecuador, during the early 1600s, there was a beautiful young woman with flowing dark locks, porcelain skin, and dark eyes. Her name was Eva and all the men of the colony desired to win her heart.

Her father, the governor of the colony, presented a challenge to his beautiful daughter’s suitors. He proposed that the suitor that presents his daughter with a gift as beautiful as she would win her hand in marriage.

A farmer’s son named Galo Cortez was madly in love with Eva. Not coming from a wealthy family he could not provide Eva with a gift of gold or jewels. Galo, however, heard the legend of beautiful roses that grew on the side of the volcano of Cotopaxi. Saying goodbye to his father, he set out on his quest for his gift for Eva.

After a long journey, Galo finally arrived at the base of Cotopaxi and spotted his prize - beautiful deep red volcanic roses. He made his way back to Eva and presented her with his gift. She was so taken by the beauty of the volcanic roses that she placed one in her hair for all to know that Galo had won her heart.

Over 400 years later a third generation farmer’s son named James was in a similar predicament. He was in love with a beautiful girl named Marissa. He wanted give her beautiful roses and win her heart.

There was a problem though. He was frustrated by the current way of purchasing roses. The images shown online were not what showed up. The roses didn’t last, and the order process was long and complicated. He knew there was a better way to provide Marissa with the roses she deserved. He went on his own epic journey directly to Ecuador.

He located a family farm that was growing the most beautiful volcanic roses on the side of the Cotopaxi volcano for generations. The farmer and James quickly bonded and forged a strong friendship. He shared with James the secret of his stunning roses. James was able to provide Marissa with the freshest and most gorgeous roses on earth.

Fast forward two years and these two lovebirds are happily married!

James knew that he couldn’t keep this treasured secret to himself. Everyone could benefit from these beautiful volcanic roses and thus, VIVAROSES was born!

Our goal is to provide only freshest, most stunning roses from our family farm directly to your loved ones heart.

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